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Differentiated Pages

Differentiated Pages

Canvas should support differentiated Pages. Similar to differentiated Assignments, Pages could be set to be visible to certain groups of students. This would allow for the creation of diverging tracks or branches within a single course.


At UCLA Extension, we're currently developing a Canvas training course for new instructors. We have included two groups of instructors in one course: 1.) Online/Hybrid instructors, and 2.) Web-facilitated instructors. By necessity, we've designed our course so both groups move through the same content. However, if we had differentiated Pages, then we could tailor our content to each group's specific needs and enjoy the benefits of keeping them in the same course (discussion, collaboration, grading etc.).


There is a similar suggestion for differentiated Modules for which I have voted in support:


Module access to specific groups, sections or students


I agree, Jeff.   Now that we can add a Page to the students' To Do list and calendar, it makes sense that it could be assigned to specific sections.     I can't seem to find a separate Idea for this -- I wonder if a separate idea would need to be created?

Community Team
Community Team

 @Hildi_Pardo ‌, my interpretation of this idea is that differentiation by section is inherent (although not specified) in the description.

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You can (sort of) do this with mastery paths. Once you turn that feature option on, each page will have an option to "allow in mastery paths."  With that box checked  You will just need a graded quiz (put into an assignment group worth 0% of the grade).  Design the quiz to one simple question that lets the students self-identify which path they are on, and identify one of the responses as "correct."  The mastery paths option lets you assign content by the total points earned on the quiz, so you can assign some pages for the group that earned points for a "correct" answer and other pages for the group that earned no points for an "incorrect" answer.  (I would also use the quiz settings to hide both the student's own response and the correct responses to avoid confusing students about what is the "correct" group after they submit.). 

I say "sort of" because due dates do not appear on the student view of anything assigned by mastery paths.  This means that everything will be shown to students in one long mixed up and undated list on the syllabus page and "to-do" list. Fixing that is already proposed here: 

It would also be a lot more efficient if an instructor action could assign the correct initial path by section or group, instead of relying on a quiz.

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You had me until "one long mixed up and undated list", but thanks for the concept!

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I agree - if this differentiation is possible for sections as well - and not just groups.

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YES, PLEASE! Differentiated pages for modules, groups, and sections! 

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Yes!!!  I can then have my course tailored to each students needs!  This would be fantastic. 

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Will this idea come back up? With COVID-19 this would be an AMAZING feature that many people do not realize they need. 

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I see you suggested this in 2015....and it still ins't a feature.  I would LOVE to have this as well!

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Yes, this! 5 years later, can we please get this feature?

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Hi everyone,

I feel this idea is more of a necessity now our college is utilising sections for group enrolment. As an example it would be a lot easier for me to give my Group A a page full of resources and have it released to my Group B three days later. At the college we use sections as groups and it’s managed by our SIS. And being able to give one student an extra page with resources on to support his/her journey. Game changer! Differentiation in a virtual environment is a must.

Just my thought but I think this would also improve teachers buy in and adoption of canvas.

Did this ever get to the voteing point? 




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I have a course section that did collaborative work on a page, but I'd like that page to be viewable by that course section only so as to not permit my other sections copying or displaying that work.

Therefore, I would like only certain pages to be viewed by specific sections, similar to how assignments assigned to one section is not visible to other sections (or how announcements and discussions can be broadcast/activated by course section).

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We really need this functionality like yesterday.  

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With many courses being cross listed, it would be very helpful to have the ability to post pages to individual sections or students, as you can with assignments.

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May I know that status of the feature?  

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This is a much-needed feature to address some of our accessibility concerns and needs. We want to be able to provide content to our students (including blind students) at their point of need in a way that's not visible to the other students in the class. The lack of this functionality within Canvas compromises our ability to create an equitable learning design to meet the teaching and learning needs of students with special needs. Currently, we have to provide differentiated student content outside of the LMS to preserve anonymity, creating a scavenger hunt of sorts for the student (seeing we can't provide these materials in an organized way to individual students within the LMS). Because accessibility issues can lead to litigation, we would be incredibly relieved to see this functionality added to Canvas.

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Yes, please can we have differentiated pages! Please! It would help so much with hybrid instruction. Middle schoolers are so confused when they see a page assigned to their section. 

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Please allow pages to be assignable to different groups. I want to make weekly agendas for each of my four cohorts and virtual group so they know what they need to do each week. Yes, I know I can do the whole group's homepage but the issue is that is one more thing that I have to learn mid-year and that my students have to adapt to. They are used to agendas on pages and I'm used to creating an agenda on a page in each weekly module so now I need to do the same process but just create four agendas and assign each page to only the students that need that agenda. Instead, now I have to find a workaround so that it's more organized for my students.

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How do I vote for this?  

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This would be so great! We need differentiated pages!