Difficult Commons workflow


We recently ran into a strange Commons workflow issue. If content was uploaded to Commons by an instructor and then, the content became Institution-approved, neither the original uploader nor an admin are able to update the content. 

It appears that following two rules apply and kind of conflict with one another:

1. Only the original uploader can update content
2. Institution-approved content can only be updated by a Commons admin.

This meant that when the original uploader attempted to update, they were met with the following error:
Screenshot 2022-03-16 093000.png

and when a Commons admin attempted to update the content, it was not recognised as the same content to be updated (i.e. the update content toggle was not available)
Screenshot 2022-03-16 093300.png

The current workflow:
1. Remove the content from institution-approved content.
2. Act as the original uploader
3. Navigate to course site to share content to Commons and update the content.
3. Return to Commons as admin user and restore the updated content to "institution-approved" status.

The ideal workflow:
1. A Commons admin should always be able to update or reupload content in the Commons without having to act as another user.

Community Team
Community Team
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