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Disallow announcements within student groups.

Disallow announcements within student groups.

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The options for student groups need to be improved. Within student groups, there are, shall we say, less-mature individuals who are posting inappropriate announcements. The ability to disable announcements altogether really should be added. Thanks for your consideration. 

Community Team
Community Team
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@yoderr , consider rating or commenting on this closely-related idea conversation:

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This is a much needed feature.

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It has been a year since this original post. Has anything been done? I would love to disable the feature that allows students to create announcements in a group as well. Otherwise, I am going to have to delete my groups.

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We would like to see this option also.  Along with an option to only allow the group leader the ability to post an announcement.  This would be helpful with study groups where we add a tutor to the course, among other scenarios.