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Discussion Post Reply Box

Discussion Post Reply Box

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The way a discussion is set up, students need to click the post box to expand it to answer a discussion question.  They shouldn't have to do this.  The post box should already be there, ready for them to type in.  

I've shown my students how to do this multiple times, and I still have students who are having trouble with it.  They're writing answers in the search box, and then hitting next.  Their answers are then deleted.  

Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for discussion you might also be interested in participating in a conversation that posits a similar use case but a different solution: Discussion Post REPLY Button Needed

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Thanks--that's a good idea too!

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Yes, this happens every term.  There is a redesign underway with the potential to help: Discussions-Redesign-User-Group-Early-Access sharing your examples could help.

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