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Discussion Post Revision History

Discussion Post Revision History


There should be a revision history for discussion posts for many reasons.

  • If a student says something against the school behavior standards but then edits it, we need a record of what was said.
  • If we use "must post before seeing replies" sometimes students will post a blank space to see the replies and then edit their response. Yes we see that editing was done, but we don't know that the blank space thing happened.
  • As much as we'd like to think this would never happen, right now a teacher can edit a student's post to be a crappy post and then assign a low grade. The student has no record of what the original post said when making a grade appeal.

I feel like this one's a no-brainer and ought to be fixed ASAP. 

Navigator II

In the meantime the ability to edit discussion posts is a feature that I turn off.  In the settings tab, scroll down to "more options" and you can uncheck "Let students edit or delete their own discussion posts."

Surveyor II

There should be a discussion post history similar to how there is a page history. Instructor's should be able to see the history of edited posts made by students. Many faculty have the problem with students posting their initial post of a word or less and then going back and changing that to a real post, but the faculty member has no way to track that behavior without reworking how the discussion board works. Allowing the history would allow the instructor to see the original post and the changes the student made. When necessary, the instructor can use this as documentation. When edit is used as intended, no harm, no foul.