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It might be a good idea to display Canvas assignment due date in long form on desktop web view. Current due date is similar to "Thursday 12pm". If this can be re-written to "Thursday 26th August 12:00 PM AEST", students would be able to read information much more efficiently and this avoids mix-up if a student in overseas

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I wanted to request a small change -- in Student View of Assignments, Canvas displays the day of the week that the assignment is due instead of the actual date (month and day) if the due date is less than 7 days in the future. This has now confused a couple of my students. They are running late on an assignment, and on a Thursday they click on the assignment page and see that it's due Wednesday, and they assume that meant yesterday. If you would just put the Month and Day on all due dates in every case that would never cause any confusion.

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I would also like to see this implemented. I noticed the other day that a submission point was showing as "Monday by 13:00", meaning "Monday 10 October by 13:00". At the time that I noticed this, it was about 12:30 on Monday 3 October (more than 168 hours/7 days before 10 October 13:00), meaning this really wasn't clear when the actual submission due date was, which is confusing to users.

Additionally, I can see that the case outlined by Dana earlier on this conversation would present a further problem for users who are unable to tell which day the due date is referring (current/past/future) to if the date is omitted.

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