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Display Custom Roles in the Enrollment Section of the User Account

Display Custom Roles in the Enrollment Section of the User Account

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We have a number of custom roles in Canvas, many that are built off of the teacher role but with more restrictions (EX. "Paraeducator").

When you look up a user in Canvas and scroll down to their enrollments, you only see: Teacher, Student, or Observer. To know which specific enrollment a user has, you need to open the course and review the People screen. I get a lot of emails from panicked secretaries thinking they've done something wrong when they added a Paraeducator to a course and later see "Teacher" under the enrollments the profile screen. Displaying the custom role, rather than the parent role would make it much easier to find accurate information about the assigned role. 

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open for Conversation

@audra_agnelly Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for broader discussion, you might also be interested in adding a comment to this idea that addresses how custom roles display at the course level: Make Custom Role Names visible in more parts of Ca... - Canvas Community 

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Thanks Stefanie! I knew I couldn't have been the first person to have brought this up, but couldn't find a similar Idea suggestion.