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Display Final Grade in Gradebook

Display Final Grade in Gradebook

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Please give the option of which column the "Total" score in the Gradebook shows, or the option of displaying more than one "Total". 

The "Total" that displays in the Gradebook is the "Current grade/score".  Many schools (whether using Grade Passback or custom solutions to get grades to the SIS) don't always use the Current grade.  For example, our University uses the Current grade/score for midterms (Current score reflects the total while ignoring unsubmitted assignments) and the Final grade/score for final grades (the final score counts unsubmitted assignments as zero).  This is confusing to both students and faculty when the grade being sent to the SIS is NOT the grade that displays in the gradebook.

I understand the option to apply a missing submission policy or for the faculty to export the gradebook to see the Final grade/score, however it should be much simpler to see the "total" that is being sent to the SIS.

This suggestion has come up multiple times: 

and  Comment from  indicates struggling with this since 2012



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Community Team
Community Team
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