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Display appropriate messages on new admin search tool

Display appropriate messages on new admin search tool

When first opening the course or people admin search tool, the message displayed is "No courses found" / "No users found". Depending on how long these pages take to load, the user may be under the impression that the courses and people pages are not working.

When searching, either the same messages continue display, or if the pages actually loaded results from being opened, the user is looking at the initial load with no indicator that a search is actually being performed.

Suggestions for both courses and people:

  • When opening the page, display a "Loading..." message until results are displayed
  • When searching, display a "Searching..." message until results are displayed

Andrea G Schmidt, thank you so much for creating this sorely needed feature idea. Evening know how the new search behaves, each time it's disconcerting to see the "No courses found"/"No users found" messages. 

Community Contributor

Hopefully this idea will get enough votes to be worked on! Not knowing if the search is done, failing, or still going, especially after waiting for a minute or two, would make the user think it's not working at all.

Community Contributor

I just put in a request similar to this. The search is a very disorienting experience even for an administrator. We initially almost put in a support ticket because we thought it was broken.

A real great example of this can be found in the People search in courses. Just as simple icon would make it so much easier to know what is happening with the search.