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Display upload progress percentage for audio feedback

Display upload progress percentage for audio feedback

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

Display upload progress percentage for audio feedback


We have received feedback from an academic who had issues with uploading audio feedback when marking an assignment. As such, the academic clicked off the page before the feedback had uploaded successfully, and had to re-record the feedback. 


Current Situation


Currently, there is no indication of whether audio feedback is processing when it is uploaded, and this can lead to instructors prematurely exiting the page, and so they lose their feedback. 


What we would like to do


It was suggested that a sort of upload progress percentage bar should appear once feedback is submitted to canvas, so that staff do not turn off the web page before end of processing, and are informed when it has been successfully uploaded.




Community Member

When students try to use the Canvas media recording in a timed quiz, they cannot see whether the upload will finish before the quiz times out. They need to know how quickly the media recording upload is happening.

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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Completed
Comments from Instructure

This functionality was added as part of the  Canvas Deploy Notes (2021-07-07).