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District Wide Assignment Tags with Analytics

District Wide Assignment Tags with Analytics

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We use Canvas to operate an entirely virtual high school with 100+ courses. While each course is unique, some assignment categories are consistent across all courses. For example, each course has a final exam and a re-exam, and we (district administrators) often find that we need to know which students have taken their final exam and who needs to take a re-exam. Therefore, it would be highly useful if when building an exam (or any assignment) in a course, there was the option to tag it with a district assignment code (e.g. Final Exam, Midterm, Course Pre-assessment, Course Post-assessment, Climate Survey, etc.), and as an administrator I could pull up a analytics page/report that list all students along with their course and the assignment(s) tagged with the district assignment code. In essence, we need a way to pull assignment performance data from multiple courses. 

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Community Team
Community Team
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