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Do Not Show 'Correct Answer' Flags in Teacher View of Graded Survey in Speedgrader

Do Not Show 'Correct Answer' Flags in Teacher View of Graded Survey in Speedgrader

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We are using Graded Surveys because they do not provide a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer indication to students for each question; rather, students receive an overall score (we use ‘100’ to indicate completion) when they submit their assignment. When students look at the Grades area for any assignment that is not muted, they will see their submission. For them, every answer will be marked ‘Your Answer’ with no indication that something might be correct/incorrect. This is good.


However, in the teacher's view of SpeedGrader, the first answer choice for each response is marked as ‘Correct’ – even on Graded Surveys which don't have 'right' or 'wrong' answers (that’s why we are using the Graded Survey functionality in the first place). This is inconvenient/confusing for our teachers who have to consciously disregard the red and green flags indicating that answers are right/wrong when in fact they are neither.


We request that whenever a Graded Survey is created, the teacher AND student view of the submitted responses should indicate "Your Answer" not the "Correct/Incorrect" answer flags. This should be the case in Speedgrader as well as in the grades area one sees when clicking on an individual student name in Speedgrader (which looks like it SHOULD be identical to what students see when they click on Grades).


Thank you!


  Comments from Instructure


As part of our upcoming release, SpeedGrader will no longer show correct answer flags. Thanks for your patience! Details included in production notes: Canvas Production Release Notes (2016-04-23)

Community Team
Community Team

This idea is now open for voting.


This seems more like a bug fix than a feature request...

Either way, I agree that it should be amended.


I submitted a similar idea.​ suggested I move my comment (and table) here... This is essentially changing the behavior of quizzes and surveys so they have different functionality where quizzes are used to evaluate learning and surveys are used to collect information by treating questions differently in each.

Proposal Summary:

TypeQuestions Scored?
How?Recorded in Grades?What is Recorded?
Graded QuizYesEvaluated against keyYesNumber of correct answers based on question points
Ungraded QuizYesEvaluated against keyNoN/A
Graded SurveyNoNot evaluatedYesCompletion based on point value of survey
Ungraded SurveyNoNot evaluatedNoN/A
Community Team
Community Team

Thank you John.  I thought the table very clearly demonstrated where you would expect to have correct answers and where you would not. 

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I agree. This is a bug fix. However, Canvas Support suggested I put it through as an enhancement while I was still trying to prove it was a bug in need of fixing.

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I do not understand why you can not give immediate feedback to students in Survey Mode. For homework in my math class I often assign Graded Surveys. I want them to get full credit for attempting to do their work, but I also want them to see their answer and the correct answer at the end. Why is this not possible? If I make it a graded quiz it will not give them full credit for trying, it will give them points for what they answer correctly.


John, in Canvas, questions on Surveys do not have a right / wrong answer, but can be graded on participation.  Practice quizzes do have right / wrong answers, but cannot be graded (whether on completion or right/wrong).

I think the best thing to do would be to look into this as a separate feature request.  There is one other already: - that one seems to hit what you're looking for.  Up for voting in October.

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ok thanks! I am going to start assigning graded quizzes instead of graded surveys and tell my students they can take the quizzes over until they get 100% (with the correct answers given) but obviously that is not ideal either. I am looking for the immediate feedback for my kids while not having to physically have to grade 85 homeworks a night manually.

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I agree. Also, when there is a "correct" answer assumed on a graded survey, the report comes up with spurious % correct statistics.

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This problem extends to ungraded surveys - There should not be correct/incorrect answers or corresponding point values for something that by definition is not supposed to be evaluated. Why should I have to set correct answers and see points awarded ungraded surveys when I'm asking questions such as "How hard did you find this assignment?"