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Do not send notifications of announcements in group pages to instructors

Do not send notifications of announcements in group pages to instructors

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Currently, instructors in a course (Teacher- and TA-role) also receive notifications for announcements that are created in group home pages if they have enabled the Announcement notification in their notifications settings. We are receiving a lot of complaints from teachers about this because it means that they get a lot of irrelevant  notifications because announcements in group pages are almost always only relevant for the students in the group because they use it to communicate with each other.

To stop these notifications, instructors can now only disable the notifications for all announcements, meaning that they also don't receive course announcements anymore. This is not desirable.

I can think of the following solutions:

  1. Easiest: keep the current notification settings and only send notifications of group announcement to student members of the group.
  2. If you want to keep the option for instructors to receive group announcements: make 2 different announcement notifications settings: Course announcement and Group announcement. The default for Group announcement would preferrably be 'Do not send me anything'.
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Community Team
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Surveyor II

Or possibly just have a checkbox at bottom of announcement if you want to include teachers in the send list?

Explorer II

That could help as well, if that checkbox is unchecked by default.

Lamplighter II

Can't they set their own course notifications?  This is a fairly new option, but it should work. I can't recall if the Canvas Admins at your school would have to turn this on or allow it, but it would solve the issue. 

How do I manage notifications for a single course as an instructor? 


Surveyor II

@gnoack yes they can but I think this person wants those who send out the announcement to be in control of who it goes to i.e. students and not teachers. Otherwise, every teacher would have to change their own course notification settings.

Lamplighter II

Right, notifications have always been set by the user.  
But, after rereading the post, I misunderstood the request as I haven't used Groups in a long while. These are announcements created within Groups, I thought they were course announcements.

I think to be more consistent with Canvas' notification settings, I think the second option mentioned would be good. Canvas should provide Group Notification controls for users as they have for Courses. That way instructors have the option of monitoring group announcements, or not.  Students wouldn't be able to post an announcement without the instructor having the ability to be informed. I could see potential issues with that happening.