DocViewer: Persistent tool selection

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

Tool secection is granted on a one-time basis. When you select the Free Draw tool and start drawing, the Free Draw tool remains selected during the drawing of that one line, and then the tool selector reverts to the Selection tool. For an instructor to make a multi-line Free Draw object, or in making repeated use of the Highlight or Strikethrough tools, they will have to re-select the chosen tool after each use.

Please consider making tool selection "sticky" to allow for multiple use.

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I agree that those selections should be sticky, meaning that once you select the point comment, highlight, or cross-out tool, that selection sticks until you select a different tool. In my testing, the tool resets to the selection tool each time. If I'm making several highlight annotations, I have to re-select the tool for each individual comment. Having to re-select the annotations tool each time really interrupts the workflow for grading. 

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Hi, Mark,

Annotations are now persistent as noted in Canvas Release: Canvas DocViewer.



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This is fantastic - thanks!

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I tried using the drawing tool to make a handwritten comment.  This was possible in Crocodoc.  It is not possible using the tool in DocViewer.  I have Hebrew professors that would like to write handwritten comments in Hebrew and need better drawing capability in order to do so.  

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This feature doesn't really work as advertised even though it is claimed to work. It is one of the most frustrating aspects and a total waste of time. You can select the highlight tool and rather than staying selected the system seems to forget that it is selected. I waste and endless amount of time having to re-select the tool over and over again. it stays selected s 50% of the time or less. Linked to this same problem is the fact that even after you select the tool it won't highlight and you have mouse over repeatedly before it actually highlights.