Download Submissions Must Download All Submissions (not just most recent)


The "download submissions" feature must download all submissions (not just the most recent). I have 7 classes of 20 students every semester. Clicking on every file in every submission for every student in every assignment is a logistical nightmare and doubles the time it takes for me to grade using D2L.

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@dmaw  This sounds like a problem that Canvas Support will need to investigate on your behalf. The process described in  How do I download all student submissions for an a...   downloads all submissions for an assignment, not just the most recent.

Since this isn't working correctly for you, Canvas Support will need to investigate it on your behalf. Please use the Help menu to follow the pathway to support provided by your school; general instructions for contacting support are in How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor? .


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What is the status of this Idea? Was there an option already in Canvas or is this a NEW request?

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This idea is archived. You can see that at the top right under the title where it says "Status: Archived".

The title and the textual description don't completely align (more preference is typically given to the description, which is filled with frustration and likely some exaggeration). It's likely that the institution where the person worked is paying for Canvas Support so the person was directed there to use rather than seeking help through the Community.

Here's why I say they title and description don't match.

By "most recent", the original poster might have meant that when a student submits multiple times, only the most recent submission is downloaded. That's what the title sounds like.

The person responding might have taken "most recent" as only a subset of the assignments were downloaded (for example if 20 students had submitted, it was only returning the most recent 18 submissions). For most classes, it would be unusual to have multiple submissions for every single assignment and every single student. However, it might be that it was a composition course where the students kept resubmitting until the assignment was done and the instructor needed the copies of all the submissions. The way the description (and not the title) was written, there was an inference that downloading in bulk wasn't working as described and the instructor had to go into each student individually to get the submission. In this case, Canvas Support would need to be involved.

The lesson from the Canvas Instructor Guide that was provided clearly states "If a student has resubmitted an assignment, only the most recent submission will be included in the ZIP file" at the top. There would be no reason for Canvas Support to look into things if it was acting the way it is documented.

There's another note that says that submissions from students with concluded enrollments are not downloaded. That might be an issue if someone was coming back at the end of the semester and wanting to download all of the assignments for archival or accreditation purposes. It might seem like those students are not "recent" because they haven't been in the course posting things while the others have.

There is another explanation here. Sometimes people put in feature ideas when they are really asking for help with a problem. If that was how this was interpreted, then referring them to Canvas Support and closing the not-really-a-feature-idea would be a reasonable path.