Download assignment submissions using a folder structure


For C++ assignments, instructors frequently ask their students to name files in a very specific way so that they can run their own scripts to compile and test their students' code. Please can there be an option to download student submissions using a folder structure. Here's an example of what I would like...

Suppose that Alice Green, Bob Blue, and Claire Black each submit files called functions.hpp and functions.cpp. Upon downloading student submissions, I would like there to be a folder called "submissions" containing three subfolders called "Green_Alice", "Blue_Bob", and "Black_Claire" (notice that their last name is written first). Inside the folder called "Green_Alice" should be the files that Alice submitted: functions.hpp and functions.cpp (notice that the filenames are unchanged). Similarly, for Bob and Claire. If two students have the same name, the folders could be distinguished using UIDs or emails.

Thank you.

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Community Team
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