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Download essay questions

Download essay questions


This idea is to add the ability to download each student's responses to essay questions on a quiz formatted the same way we already bulk download all assignment submissions. 

In online courses, essay questions on exams need to be checked for plagiarism, and this would allow the downloaded files to be uploaded into a plagiarism scanner.

Community Team
Community Team
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This much-needed New Quizzes feature idea is similar to an archived idea submitted by‌," modifiedtitle="true" title="Download All File Upload Su... In her original idea, Moulder notes that this is needed to achieve  feature parity with classic Quizzes.

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Actually I just discovered that Canvas already does this. You download the assignment analytics and it is a spreadsheet. The  essay answers appear as text. I just copied and pasted them into a word doc with the cell formatting. 

Click on the quiz, then quiz statistics, then student analysis. It takes a bit of time to create the file, and then boom! all your data is there. Just use what you want.#essay questions


Happily a resubmission of the file upload bulk-download feature idea is open for voting, thanks to mb_tju:


Cutting and pasting into a new document is already the work-around.  I'm not sure I understand what is gained by copying from an analytics spreadsheet. 

The goal of this idea is replace the need to copy and paste student responses into a new document, by allowing the download of a single document for each student in a format that can be uploaded and scanned by plagiarism checkers.  Ideally the download would happen for all students at once, just like the bulk download from assignments, as a zip file filled with individual documents for each student's quiz.


This would be really helpful.  Downloading in bulk is not very practical at all.  I'd like to see the automatic feature to allow essay responses in quizzes to go through TurnItIn.  Why not?  It is possible in other types of assignments. But quizzes are much easier to time and monitor.  We need this urgently!