Downloading a single student's assignment submissions for a grading period


In the compiling of artifacts for IEPs, 504s, etc, it would be extremely helpful to be able to download all of a student's assignment submissions for a grading period.  After having spent some time with Canvas Support Chat, we came to the conclusion that the fastest way to do this involves navigating to each assignment and downloading each submission singularly.  This is ok if you only need to do it for a couple of students, but becomes extremely tedious for any more than that.  If we could, from the students' individual grade page perhaps, download all of a student's assignment submissions, or have some checkboxes to select files to download, it would save an incredible amount of time in compiling information for their supporting paperwork.  Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for further discussion, you might be interested in participating in these related conversations:

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I endorse Josh's comment on this feature. It would be extremely helpful to have an option to download all assignments that were uploaded by one student. I look forward to hearing the follow-up.

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