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Draft Events

Draft Events


Ability to create a calendar event as a draft. Push it to the community when you have it finalized. View it in student view. Avoid sending notifications to students/users and then deleting events if you've mistyped a detail or are waiting on additional information. Choose whether an event should be pushed. For example, if you have regular office hours and are just adding a new block does everyone need to get the push notification? Or you make a minor change to your office hours before anyone signs up, do they really need a new notification saying that you changed the blocks from 10 minute increments to 15?

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Community Champion

Voted!  @srusnak  since you mentioned office hour signup, do you see this idea as related to both events andappointments group in a course calendar?  Our institution could use both, and a long time ago one of the Canvas Product Team told me that event publishing would be a necessary precursor to bringing back appointment publishing (which was actually removed from Canvas, sadly).

I'll make links to this idea in some of the old Cold Storage‌ ideas about calendar publishing, in hopes that now is finally the time for a Community push for this much-missed feature.

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