Due Date in Gradebook Header

Hi Canvas developers, we are requesting to have the "Due Date" show up in the Gradebook Header.


In making this 3rd label as short as possible, using short numeric format ( Due: 11/09/15 or 11/09/15 ) & the same small Font Size as the Points value would be ideal and helps when the gradebook is sorted by due date (to see the date).  Currently they get Title and Points value only.


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I would like to see it directly rather than on hover. But on hover would be better than nothing. With multiple due dates, I would be okay with just the first one. But when I have multiple due dates, they are always with a day or two of each other. 

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It would be helpful to have the due date in the header and to be able to sort/filter by dates in ascending or descending order.

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This would be a time-saver!  I'm always looking at my gradebook and having to look back and forth between the home page to figure out which assignments are due tomorrow and which next week.   I can't keep all those dates in my head for every course. 

(Maybe I'm teaching too many courses at a time?)

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In addition, when I teach the same course again the following year, I don't want to have to change the title and the date; I'd rather just change the date.

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Four years and another feature not added to Canvas. 

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My online classes' attendance is tracked by participation. I require 75% or greater submission of assignments due in a week to be counted present for the week, with a week defined as Monday 12:00a-Sunday 11:59p. Having the due dates visible in Gradebook would simplify tracking significantly. Please reconsider adding this information to the exportable Gradebook. Thank you.

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Sorting by due date is available, but would sure be nice if the dates were also visible and part of the exported gradebook CSV.

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Except that by adding a due date in the title, when they import their content to next year's course, they have to Edit every single assignment to update the title.   This is a lot of extra work, and leaves room for errors.

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Perhaps the due date--which is already a part of the assignment--could just be made visible in gradebook as a separate field below the assignment title, and could be a yes/no option during importing much like the "adjust dates" option.

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Being able to see the due date in the grade book header would be super helpful for keeping track of "where I am" so to speak when I'm entering grades. It would be particularly helpful for assignments that have similar names and only the first few truncated words appear in the header.

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Not having dates listed automatically in the gradebook seems like a bizarre omission, and something that would not be too difficult to fix.  Insane that it was suggest 5 years ago and is still NOT POSSIBLE.

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I thought I was suggesting something new and it's incredible to me that something so simple has dragged on for 5 years!

I would like the grade book to list the assignment due dates.  I have to flip back to the assignment page for this and it would simplify things if the date was listed in the grade book.  I have tried to compensate for this by putting the date in the title of the assignment so it shows up in the grade book, but this makes the entry long and the date is truncated.

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Why is this not a thing yet?! It is kind of a common sense tool to have visual in a gradebook: the Title, the due date and Points Possible. Why have extra clicking to individual assignments or people? This was suggested 5 years ago and yet animations are getting priority on design?! Come on Canvas! Fancy is fun, but basics are needed for teacher convenience. 

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Has this been revisited by Canvas? A date in the header would make life so much easier for this teacher. I have five different classes each with 2 hybrid cohorts and an online cohort. That little bit of organization help would be dreamy!

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Community Coach

Recently, while reviewing an assignemnt grade issue as the Canvas admin for my district,  I had a need to know when an assignment was due. Since I am was viewing some other teacher's Gradebook, I was not as familiar with the assignments and order. However, it took me by surprise that I couldn't quickly find the due date for an assignment in the Gradebook. I had to open new tabs to individual assignments and for new quizzes, it's even more difficult. 

The Gradebook includes info for assignments like title, points, score, labels for missing/late and the ability to filter and sort. However, I just realized it's missing a key piece of the necessary information, DUE DATE. See image..

Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 11.02.20 AM.png 

While you can sort by the due date, apply labels for missing or late work by the due date, you actually can not view the due date of an assignment anywhere on the Gradebook page. You have to open the assignment itself or open Speedgrader. 🤦‍♂️

IDEA 💡: I propose adding Due Date to the tooltip popup when you hover over an assignment. Also adding it to the side tray when you click on it to adjust the score or label. 

I think this is an important and necessary piece of assignment information that is missing from the Gradebook currently and will make the use of the Gradebook more seamless. 

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It would be great to at least have the due date(s) export with the gradebook.  Currently I have to turn in a printout of all the due dates separately from the gradebook at the end of the semester. 

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this idea has been in conversation for 6 years now.  PLEASE update and move toward making this happen.  One extra line showing the date in mmddyyyy format in the assignment column of the gradebook would be so very helpful to me and my students

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Would it be possible to add a due date heading on the gradebook? Currently, I would have to go into each assignment to see the due date. It would be helpful to have it displayed with the assignment title and number of points. 

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I know this is an old topic, but there is still interest. Having the due date display in the gradebook column header would make it much easier to assess the appropriateness of sending students a reminder note, or changing null grades to zeroes, if appropriate. Currently, I find myself opening the assignments or modules page in another tab and paging back and forth. 

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Community Team
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Thank you for sharing this idea with the Instructure Community!

The Product Team reviewed all feature proposals recently, and unfortunately, this thread was identified as one that they would not be able to include in their current or future plans. While we appreciate your proposal, we also want to be transparent about the likelihood of something like this making it to production.

Thank you for collaborating, and we hope that you submit another idea in the future!