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Can we set the due date and also toggle the quarter to a different grading period.  At the end of the grading period when we are finalizing grades I would like to put new assignments in the next quarter but to get it to show up I have to fudge the due date for later to make it show up in the grading period but then my students, despite what I tell them, think it's not due yet.  I would love to have the due date and grading period be separated from one another. 

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It would be ideal if assignments/assessments were automatically put into a grading period based on their due date, but then there was an option (like a dropdown menu) to allow instructors to adjust as needed.

For example, I have students who have been granted extensions by the school for all of their work. The new due date falls two weeks after the end of Trimester 1. I added different due dates for the individuals on the relevant assignments so that their calendars and To Do lists accurately reflect the expectations for them. But since their new due date falls in Trimester 2, the assignments are appearing (for those students) in the grade book as Trimester 2 grades. However, I need those grades to be calculated in Trimester 1, as they are for all the other students in the course. This is happening, too, for each student's four other teachers in their four other courses. 

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