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Duplicate Outcomes

Duplicate Outcomes

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There should be a "duplicate" option for outcomes. This would be a time saver when setting up a series of outcomes for a class that all share certain features. Then one could simply edit the portions that are different.

outcome creation tool including tool bar

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This is a great idea to save us all a lot of time but unfortunately, I don't have any quick fixes yet either.

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I would love this feature! Also, I'm surprised the designers didn't think of it at start with - it was the first button I looked for.

Across our senior mathematics curricula, in both year 11 and 12, we have a lot of overlap of outcomes, and the structure of the rubrics are all identical, so this feature would save me lots of time. Unfortunately I think I'll be able to manually replicate them all for my year 11 and 12 subjects faster than Canvas will add the feature. Should we make it a race? Ready set go!

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Please make this a thing.  

I just spent 2 hours of my life writing outcomes and tweaking the settings- over and over again. 


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a way to duplicate outcomes

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I was hoping to find a solution for duplicating folders of Outcomes to other courses, but found these comments instead.  Disappointed that this isn't an option.  You CAN move a folder, but it doesn't duplicate it.  This is going to cost me some hours as well. 



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The closest to a solution I've found is if you copy the folder to another course you and update the titles to amend them and they copy them back into the original course 

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This will be a major timesaver. 

In setting up a curricula is simply necessaire

For the dutch version the translation of outcomes is incorrect. Please consult someone for the right titles for results and outcomes 

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Yes. The ability to duplicate outcomes would save so much time. I can't believe that this isn't already a feature.  AND/OR the ability to have settings in OUTCOMES so that you are able to establish what your default criterion ratings are.

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No progress yet. It's unfortunate that one can only rename and sort of move things in outcomes. I was hoping to copy a set of folders that. I created to organize my outcomes. But it's still not possible to duplicate folders. Please add this ability. The amount of time spent doing extra work on Canvas is  not impressive.  There are many things that should be able to either be done  (i.e. duplicating folders/files) or automated so  users don't have to spend lots of time updating items one by one.

Thank you.

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Of particular utility here would be the ability to copy Proficiency Rating schemes to newly created outcomes, much as you can duplicate and edit rubrics - especially since one can attach an outcome to an assignment in lieu of a rubric and have it perform much the same function.

A related point: There should be some organizational tools for the learning outcomes. Currently everything is sorted alphabetically, but if I'm showing learning outcomes to students through the navigation menu, I should be able to organize them in a way that better reflects course sequencing and dependency relationships (i.e., sometimes an outcome pedagogically depends on having mastered something else). There are interfaces for this sort of reordering throughout Canvas... its one of the things that makes it a more competitive LMS, e.g., in Modules things can be reordered and displayed with several layers of visual hierarchy. If the learning outcomes are going to be used to signpost to students what they are learning and how it all fits together, shouldn't it similarly be possible to organize the outcomes in a way that reflects the sequencing of topics or skills in the course?