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Easily add points to a gradebook column

Easily add points to a gradebook column


I frequently decide to curve a quiz or exam but the curve feature in Canvas doesn't work the way I would expect it to.  What I want is an easy way to say "add X points to every student that received a score for this assignment".  I can do it with the Fudge points within SpeedGrader but having to manually do it for each student is extremely time-consuming and error prone.  Alternatively I could export the gradebook to Excel, modify it there, and then upload it again.  However, this is also far more convoluted and time-consuming than it needs to be and again there's an easy opportunity for errors to be introduced.  

The fudge point concept already exists, why not make it easy to apply universally to an assignment/quiz/etc.?

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I absolutely agree with this and it has been requested numerous times. A method like this of applying a linear curve, instead of the current curve function which provides a predetermined distribution, is much more conducive to the contemporary student population because no one is penalized and everyone receives an equal increase. I believe instructors nowadays are much more attuned to the possibility that they may have included an unfair, poorly worded, or unaddressed question on a quiz, than ascribing to the antiquated theory that their student scores shall reflect a fixed distribution. 

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Same. Requested a partial-credit (i.e. credit for participation vs. correctness) option for questions. The suggestion I got was to add points in the gradebook but this must be done individually for students. This idea would be a work around for my current problem.