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Easy search for course links

Easy search for course links

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This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

When I create a Course Link to an assignment I have to scroll through every single previous assignment in order to finally get to the one I want to link.  It would be helpful and less time consuming if there was a way to search for an assignment by typing in the name, without having to scroll through a bunch of other assignments, load more, scroll, load more, etc.

Community Team
Community Team
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This is such a needed feature.  I link buttons within my course 50+ times a week.  This would be a godsend


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It would be really nice to have a search bar for assignments that might’ve long past and you’re trying to make up that work. Especially now with online schooling.

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When you make a page in canvas, you have the ability to add a link to other pages or materials in the course. Right now, you can search links and files which allows for quickly adding items if you have a lot of material. However, the course materials such as pages or assignments is not searchable and it is in alphabetical order. This is fine if you don't have a lot of material but when you start to have a lot it can be daunting to find stuff. A search or ability to sort to most recent instead of alphabetical would be wonderful.

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Completed
Comments from Instructure

The All Files section in each sidebar includes a search field. This change allows users to more easily search for course links when viewing the entire files structure.

For more information, please read through the  Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-12-02).