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Edit, rename, and delete files in iOS Student app

Edit, rename, and delete files in iOS Student app

In the Student app for iOS, in the files section, we can only view files, and we can't edit, rename, or delete the files. It would be nice if we could do so. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. By being able to delete files, I mean that by two different things:

  1. Having one option to delete the file completely off both our device* and our Canvas files.
  2. Having another option to delete the file off of just our device*.

It would also be nice if we could save the file in our Photos or Files without having to load the file onto our device* in the Student app. This takes up A LOT less storage.

*What I mean by downloading files onto our device in the Student app is when we click on the file and it downloads it onto the Student app, NOT IN OUR DEVICE'S FILES OR PHOTOS. If you need a better explanation, when we click on the file, you see the loading progress bar at the top. That's what I mean by downloading those files in the Student app. The problem is, when we download it in the Student app, then if we want a copy in our Photos and Files, then we have to either SAVE PHOTO/VIDEO or SAVE IN FILES. Then we have two copies of the same file. We can delete that file from Photos or Files, but then it's still downloaded in the Student app, taking up storage. The worst part? If we delete a file off our Canvas files on the website on our computer, it is STILL DOWNLOADED on our device, and we can't access nor delete it off our device.