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Editing Links in new RCE

Editing Links in new RCE

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When a page already has a course link but you want to change it to another course link, you currently have to highlight the word, remove the link, then relink it to a new course page, etc. But could you add a feature where we select "Edit Link" and in the fly-in window just be able to select a new course link rather than the only option be edit an entire URL. 

Second, when selecting "edit link" the fields provided to actually edit an existing URL is very small and you cannot actually see the entire link at once. Some of these links are very long and need a larger field to be useful. 

Community Team
Community Team
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Learner II

+1 on both.

The External Link option (URL) isn't very useful when editing a Course Link.  Providing the same content navigation panel shown when Adding a new course link would be much better.



Explorer III

Casting my vote/stars for this. 
We have folks with very long URLs and the field is too small.

While you can scroll the URL in the field, it is not as useful as being able to see entire URL at once.