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Editing New Quizzes

Editing New Quizzes

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Editing a quizzes that is a New Quiz is unnecessarily complicated. It would be so much more streamlined to be able to edit the points and due date from Modules. Instead, I have to edit those items in Quizzes, even though every other type of assessment can be edited in Modules. It still feels like it's in Beta. Maybe it still is?

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Archived


Thanks for sharing this idea. This is helpful feedback that would fit well into the conversation around New Quiz navigation issues that is currently underway at Access More Options Page for New Quizzes More Easily, so would you please add your comments to that thread? We'll archive this one to remove the duplication and keep the conversation unified in one place.


However, a thing I’ve noticed is that that if you create a New Quiz from Assignments, once the Quizzes 2 LTI is created, the option to change settings from Assignments (edit the quiz instructions and load the Quizzes 2 tool in a new tab) will no longer be available.