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The New Quizzes are not user-friendly.

Speedgrader is hard to find (Why is it only accessible through the gradebook?).

Completed quizzes don't pop up on your To-Do List (which is just silly).

And for some reason, you can't edit a stimulus after students have taken the quiz.

I want to add the URL of an article so students can access the article on another device, but it wants me to make make a copy of it, which is pretty ridiculous.


Please address these issues if you want teachers to continue to use this feature in Canvas.

Most teachers I have spoken to only use the Classic Quizzes because of these inconvenient features of the New Quizzes. 

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Instructure Alumni
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Thanks for sharing your general feedback about New Quizzes. We won't be able to move this forward in the Idea Conversations forum, which accommodates singular requests for specific enhancements, as outlined in How do I create a new idea conversation in the Canvas Community? 

That said, you'll find upon searching through this forum that most of the issues you've mentioned are already the topic of active conversations; please add your support to those ideas.

Our product manager has been engaging with our members to discuss the transition from Classic to New Quizzes, and we hope you'll add your feedback to her blog post at  Sunsetting Classic Quizzes Q&A after reading through the comments.