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I would like to be able to immediately EMAIL an announcement to all participating students enrolled in a Course, even if they do not have email Notifications set inside Canvas. This is something I have been able to choose in other course content managers.

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In Blackboard, our faculty could check a box that said "Send a copy of this announcement immediately". This would be very helpful in Canvas as well. Thanks!

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I miss this feature also. It was so quick and easy to do. I am not able to effectively track which students have set their notifications to receive announcements. Sending an email would be great.

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My university is switching over from Blackboard to Canvas. One of the Blackboard features I used regularly was having the important Announcements I posted sent immediately with full text to students by e-mail. That doesn't seem to be possible in Canvas. I was told by a member of the Canvas support team that when I post an announcement, students get some sort of notification that there is a new Announcement. That really isn't sufficient. Lots of our students are lazy. They are not necessarily going to bother to log in to Canvas to see what the announcement is about. It would be much more effective if they received the text of the announcement, as they did in Blackboard, and not just a notification that an announcement has been posted.

In addition, I was told that I, as the instructor, did not get a copy of the notification because I'm not enrolled in the course as a student. I don't like that either. In Blackboard, I always got an e-mail along with the students containing a copy of the announcement. Since instructors don't even get a copy of the notification, I have no way of what - if anything - was actually sent out.

I hope you folk will consider making this change.

Richard M. Berrong

Prof of French

Kent State University

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My university is now transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas. I second both the previous posters. I have no way of getting students to change their notification settings to receive announcements. Moreover, as it now stands, I can't even see what sort of notification students receive, what it says. Please do what Blackboard does and make it possible for faculty to send Annoucements immediately as e-mails. Texts as well, if you like, but definitely e-mails.

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