Email (message) all your child's teachers at once


I would like to be able to email ALL of my child's teachers at one time. For example, "Addie is quarantined for the next 10 days, I will come by the school on Wednesday at 10am to pick up any needed supplies or printed materials that are not accessible on Canvas." It is very tedious to have to send the same exact email to all 7 teachers individually.

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Community Team

Hi @MichelleMiller  -

Thanks for the time to sharing your idea!

You're right. Within Canvas, there's not a way to email multiple instructors from various courses at once. I think Observers (especially K-12 families) and students could find this helpful in the right circumstances.

If this moves forward, I think it would be appropriate that each recipient gets an individual message. While it's a time-saver for you, not all teachers would need to know what their colleagues' solutions/plans are. 🙂 

Another thing I would be interested in talking more about is whether this would be limited to users emailing multiple instructors from multiple courses or if it would branch off. I think there would be some reasons to limit certain roles in certain ways...though, there's probably a good use-case for each scenario.

I look forward to seeing how this conversation develops.

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I can see why this might be a useful idea, but speaking as a teacher in a school, the parent should only need to contact one person - the child's tutor or head of year - who would then collect information from teachers and send to the parents.

This would be easier for the parent (only one email) and simpler for the school to manage.

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This would be very useful! My child will be absent for a family vacation…so I need go figure out which class belongs to each child and individually email all teachers…7 for each kid. So inefficient. 

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Yes please. 

Our families are just not communicating with us well because of the tediousness.

We have a homeroom teacher who they are meant to contact but this feature would be amazing for immediate information sharing especially for assessment extension requests. 

Our observers feel that their account is not comprehensive enough and so are constantly logging in as the student and skewing the data for their course participation. 

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Please.  I have 5 kids, that is 35 emails I would have to send.  Teachers can respond individually and not "reply all" everyone else.

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