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Email notification for edits to discussion replies

Email notification for edits to discussion replies


Emailed notifications include "new comments" to discussions but it would also be helpful if discussion notifications indicated "edited" posts, not just new ones. If I have already read the post, I need to know that there is something different/added to that post that I have not yet seen.

(see related idea: "Show discussion edits as "new")

Community Team
Community Team

 @lshulman , thanks for working with us to bring these ideas into a form that can be voted upon. However, this new submission still incorporates two separate requests, each of which would need to be prioritized for development separately (Discussions and Notifications are two different features). Would you please edit this idea so that it only requests the new notification, and then submit a separate idea that requests a change in the Discussion UI so that an edited post is automatically marked as Unread or New?

Thanks again.

Community Member

I would LOVE it if I could program multiple attempts only on PROBLEMS MISSED not the whole quiz. 

Community Member

Consider incorporating the ability to be notified when a post has been edited following being scored.