Enable scrolling of the submission when using audio / video (or the speech-to-text engine) in Speed-grader

When recording comments for student submissions in Speed-grader or using the speech to text engine, please consider enabling scrolling of the student paper.  This allows us to go through the submission page by page and make comments accordingly.
Currently, the background freezes when using these features, and only one part of the submission is viewable.
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Agreed!  I'd like to scroll down the submitted paper while making video / audio comments.   Really basic. 

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It was my intent to submit this, but you already did!  I totally agree. I started grading in Canvas just two weeks ago and I have to have Canvas open on two monitors to be able to scroll through the paper that I have marked up in Crocodoc!  I used Panopto in Blackboard and included the link, but I thought Canvas would be a breeze since the media recording feature was built in.  Boy was in for a surprise!  Please PLEASE make the record window movable to a different monitor and the edited submission scrollable as I record my feedback!!!

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I am an instructor and it would be very helpful if I could scroll through a student's written submission in Speedgrader while I am recording a media comment.

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I’ve been using the Canvas voice recorder to leave comments through speed grader and have two requests.

The first issue with the voice recorder is when you open the voice recorder to use; it freezes the paper, so you cannot give comments as you read through the paper. Would it be possible for us to have the ability to scroll through the paper and have the voice recorder open at the same time? The second issue is minor but does add significant time to the grading process when using the voice recorder. When you click the voice recorder, you have to spend two clicks to get the camera to turn off, which does add significant time. I’ve tried to leave the camera on, but then the loading with the video is considerable. Is there a way to have Canvas save our preferences?

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I agree with this issue.

I will add that the workaround is to have two tabs of the speed grader open at the same time (on separate monitors). 

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Great idea @MikeM! Thanks!

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Speed grader allows tutors to create audio feedback. we have seen an increase in tutors using this tool. however there is a design issue that prevents tutors using this in the most efficient way.


when you open the audio feedback tool it overlays the rest of the speed grader interface. this prevents the tutor from paging through the submission and reminding themselves of particular issues relating to that submission. they could open the submission or download it in a different window. They could even write down particular things that they want to talk about. what seems to be the most effective way is to use the annotation tools to highlight particular issues in the submission and then discuss these further using the audio feedback tool.


I wonder if this could be addressed in any redesigns of the speed grader interface

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Is it possible to create a feature to minimize the audio/media box when I am providing feedback on an assignment? When grading essays, I want to be able to view the box to reference needed comments. However, the box obstructs my view of the essay/assignment.

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This is definitely a needed feature.  I currently record my audio using a web app on a second screen, download the file, and upload it into Canvas.  I am going to try the feature opening two tabs with Speed grader next time.  Thanks for that suggestion.

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Essentially, when we leave audio or video feedback for student discussion postings we should resume having the ability to scroll in the background.  This existing previously and has been removed.


This is of significant importance as many student discussion postings are quite long and require manipulation of the record pop-up window so that instructors can still see and scroll the discussion board content.

It allows us to avoid having to memorize content for each posting prior to leaving audio/video feedback.

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Please allow scrolling to occur while making a recording.

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This is really an important improvement. When teaching an online class, engagement is often difficult. Allowing us to scroll through the submission while recording would allow for much better and more detailed feedback. I rarely post in the community, but this is really important for student success. 

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