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Enabling an emulator to run Flash animations

Enabling an emulator to run Flash animations

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Could Canvas integrate open-source Ruffle, or something like it, so my students could run .swf files in a Canvas course from their browsers?
Like many instructors, I use excellent, interactive animations that were written in Flash or Adobe Shockwave or Adobe Flash as .swf files. These animations are now doomed by Adobe's ending support and textbook publishers taking down old textbook companion sites. Dozens of worthy biology animations that I've relied upon are now going the way of the dodo. As for running them anyhow, only some of my students are savvy enough to confidently download good ole Flash (even with instructions for doing it safely) and others use OS that just won't make Flash "go" without having to add other software. Too many barriers. Ding dong. Flash is dead.

Accepting my fate, I've tried to find worthy substitutions for each animation that will simply run on web browsers via HTML5. That's been a time-sucking task with little result.

Therefore, I was thrilled when I found out that is backing up jillions of .swf files and making them run easily for users via the open-source Ruffles emulator:  The focus there is games, though.

My question: could Canvas make Ruffles available for us? Or another solution?

If so, my students could just run the .swf files I'm able to dish up. Without getting too sticky over this . . . THAT WOULD BE PERFECTION. The founder effect dragonflies could soar again!

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