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Ending pages for modules

Ending pages for modules

Elementary Modules need to be able to work differently than secondary or college level. Students do not always move through modules. We need a way to put an end page to a module or a stop button so students don't keep pressing next and going in to modules of different topics than what they were linked. Elementary staff have icons on their home pages to link to a section (Module) but we want to be able to have an option to stop the module or have it be an ending page as opposed to a next arrow.

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for sharing this idea,‌; it's open for voting. Currently, many teachers address this by putting a "lock until" date on each module so that when students click on the Next button in the progression they won't be able to move into the module with different topics until the date the teacher has set (How do I lock a module?).  

Community Member

I'm in a high school setting and would also like to be able to have ends to modules.  I don't perceive my modules as necessarily having one linear path from the beginning of module 1 to the end of module x.  I would like to be able to have students complete one module, be bounced back to a module list, and then choose which module they tackle next.


I agree. You cannot run concurrent modules for different subjects by just using the lock date. Some of my modules are not related linearly and could run concurrently or one needs to stop, while another keeps going. I am new to modules, so maybe I am missing something, but I would really like an end or stop page for some of mine as well.

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Right now, if you have instructed a student to use the "Next" buttons in Canvas to proceed through a module, there is no way to stop the progress of the student at the end of the module without setting up restrictions on entering the next module. Although it may make sense to some to let a student continue on until no more material is available, there are pedagogical reasons (if not just simple psychological reasons) to remind a student that they have reached the end of a module and it is a good time to take a break.

Canvas has multiple different kinds of content ("Pages", "External URL", etc.). Why not have a special kind of stub page that is designed to display a simple message and then not show a "Next" button at the bottom of it? This could be placed anywhere where you want a student to just stop and go back to the main Modules and evaluate on their own what exercise to start next (if any). This would allow a student to complete multiple modules in a row but then stop before being automatically tossed into the next module.

Again, I understand that rules can be added to Modules to prevent entry (based on completion of other modules, dates, etc.). But still there is some benefit to having students reach an "end" of a string of related exercises even if there are exercises they can theoretically continue to complete.

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College/University faculty have also been looking for this option.