Enrolments section of the User Profile page needs some attention

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/accounts/a/users/b is the user profile page.

In the "Name and Email" section there are a set of controls: Edit | Act as User | Merge with Another User | Delete from the school.

In the "Login Information" section there is the "Add Login" control

In the enrollments section there are no controls.

I have people with over 100 enrolments and all I can do is scroll throght them seeing 2 at a time. I can't filter by any property, I am presented with all the completed courses the user was ever enrolled in. Unpublished courses. No subaccount info. This is a very unusable part of the site. My suggestion is that some effort be put into making this part of the page more manageable.



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Fab idea Julian. 

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We appreciate your feedback. Unfortunately, we won't be able to move this idea forward for broader conversation as the request is nonspecific and overly vague, so we wouldn't be able to measure success with a "completed" designation. We recommend that you discuss your concerns about the overall design of the User Details page with your school's Customer Success Manager (CSM) and use that conversation to create specific requests for enhancements to the process. How do I create a new idea conversation in the Instructure Community?  provides guidance. Thanks!