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My colleagues and I have made several suggestions to improve Canvas use for university mathematics instructors. Many of the suggestions we have made have been addressed in the "new quiz" engine. However, the "new quiz" engine has replaced the old equation editor with "math quill", which may be easier for students that don't know LaTex but it is far less useful for those of us that know LaTex and are writing fairly sophisticated university level mathematics quizzes and exams.

Please bring back the old equation editor from the "classic quiz" engine or allow an "advanced view" in "math quill" so that the features and functions of LaTex can be used directly in the editor.


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Voted! I'd love for it to be more apparent how to use LaTeX in New Quizzes' editor.  Here are some tips for how to do this now, both in the Community and outside:

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You can type in LaTeX in the new quizzes by bracketing the math with \( and \). It would be nice if this was $$ or $...which is more intuitive, but at least it is possible. 

However, this only works in sections that have the Rich Content Editor option. I would love to have equation editor capabilities in a wider variety of question types. I just tried making equations for the matching and categorization categories and this is not possible as these don't have the RCE. You can add equations to the main question box, but not to the items that are manipulated. It would be really great to have this capability.  

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Desperately needed!

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Adding another vote.  We very much need a better equation editor in New Quizzes!

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Hi all,

This limitation is creating a significant barrier to adoption of New Quizzes for our Science/Math folks. Any idea of when this might be corrected?

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Math and advanced science teachers really do need an effective way to type their math questions. Most of us have added MathType to our suite in an effort to help these teachers. These are often the teachers most resistant to using Canvas instead of traditional paper and this just strengthens the argument.  Please add this or an effective math typing application for advanced math. 

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The Equation Editor is being updated and standardized (meaning it will be the same across Canvas, including New Quizzes.) This will happen in two stages this year: first most of Canvas will get the responsive equation editor noted in the Release Notes, then when new quizzes implements the new RCE it will have the same equation editor.

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