Erasing Student Annotations on Chromebook/Laptop


When assigning a student annotation assignment, there is no eraser tool for annotations on Chromebook or Laptop. There is an eraser tool for the iPad apps. Solution from Canvas is to select the problem and use the trash can. However, this will select near every annotation on the screen. There are times when students are using the paint or marker tool to annotate the assignment. It is hard for elementary students to make one mistake and have to start everything over because the trash can erased all markups.

Having an eraser tool for Chromebooks similar to the mobile versions would be extremely helpful.

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Primary elementary students are having trouble deleting in Student Annotation when using the drawing tool. In most cases, it makes the students select everything they have drawn to get the delete (trash can). Thus making young students start all over again. Other similar programs such as "Seesaw" provide an eraser tool for such purposes, which students can select, then click on the drawing area they wish to delete.




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