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I am wondering if CANVAS would consider adding an "Exemplary Response" button to SpeedGrader. So many times I come across responses that I'd like to collect in one place for my students to review. Please pass this idea along. Copying and pasting responses is very time consuming. It'd be so cool to have a named or nameless "Favorites" for each assignment that could be shown to the kids in my class.


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Our faculty teach multiple courses/sections each semester, often with gaps between course instance (annually, every other year, etc.). Because of this, it is hard for faculty to go back into past courses to try to find exemplar projects or evidence of mastery for accreditation purposes. 

Similar to how you have "Save" a social media post for review later, is there a way Canvas can allow teachers to "pin" or "tag" a submission for later use (either instructionally or for program assessment)? Moreover, if teachers can organize their "pinned" submissions, like one would in Item Banks or Studio, that would help immensely!

TL;DR: Create a "pin" function in SpeedGrader for teachers to save student work for later review/use.

Thank you!

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Great idea. Rewards excellence.

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