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Export Arc Insights

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Export Arc Insights

It would be very helpful to be able to export the insight data to easier review.  Currently teachers have to select each student to view this information, which is very time consuming when they teach multiple sections of a class and may have 60+ students.  Being able to export this information would help expedite the review process for assigning credit for assignments.

Navigator II

Thank you for sharing this idea,‌. We also have a related idea requesting export of account-level Arc reports open for voting at .

Community Member

My expectation as a Teacher would be to see a summary of students who have interacted with the content, then a list of students who have not engaged/interacted with the content.

I agree that clicking on students one by one to view this information is poor user experience design and extremely time consuming. Providing an export with the detailed information per student is one way of solving this problem.