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Export/Import New Quizzes/Question Banks

Export/Import New Quizzes/Question Banks


I am an adjunct instructor at two colleges, both of which use Canvas. I teach the same courses, pretty much, and love the new quiz format (I also understand that old quizzes will be going away at some point). I want to be able to create a quiz with question bank in one course, and export it (and its question bank) to the other course. I know that I can share within institutions (even though this is currently not working), but I need a way to get one quiz to the other institution. 

I have tried to export the entire course, and only import the selected quiz. It shows it cannot find it. I have done extensive asking and searching on these forums, and I am still told that I just can't do it. So, I think this feature needs to be included as soon as possible. 

Adjunct instructors are already paid less for our time, and when I have to reconstruct each quiz and exam for every new course, it's a huge time drain. It's extremely frustrating, as I have all of the materials in one course, and seems like something I should be able to do. I use question banks to give students random questions, and to reuse questions on later quizzes/exams. 

At the very least, if we could just get a way to export/import the question banks only, that would be a huge time saver. Currently, I know I can create a question bank in old quizzes, export/import that bank, and import that bank into a new quiz format. This is great, but if I have some banks/quizzes that were never in the old quiz format, there is no way to transfer those that I know of. I also can't bank all the cool new question types. Smiley Sad

I'm hoping this can be added to a release soon, or at least before the old quizzes go away.


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So after talking with Canvas Support, they duplicated this issue:  New Quizzes does not import/export correctly.  It's broken.


Here are the steps to confirm this:

(1)  Create a new course, add a New Quiz, and create some questions directly in the New Quiz.

(2) Export this course directly to another new course or do it by creating an export package and then import it to another new course.

(3)  At this point, the New Quiz in that export will copy correctly onto the 2nd new course.

(4)  Now, reset both courses you just made using “Reset course content” button.

(5) Then use the export package to reimport that course with the New Quiz and you’ll see that the New Quiz will not make a copy.  All settings on that quiz and questions inside will disappear.


Please edit this behavior.  It’ll cause a lot of problems for a lot of users as well as for the support team.

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@Anonymous that is too bad that restoring the reset course still caused issues. we recently experienced problems with importing new quizzes but found a workaround.

I think the new quiz still exists with the same ID in the LTI space, which is separate from your course and I believe is not reset by a Canvas reset.  The quiz should still be there.  We've discovered that if you import the same new quiz twice to a course, it sometimes won't work. That might be what's in play here, although the reset course has a new ID number so I'm not completely sure. If you import the original export package to a sandbox, and then import from the sandbox to your newly reset course (you'd need to export from the sandbox again if you need to use an export package and aren't doing a direct import/course copy from the sandbox), I think it might work.  If it does, would you let us know?  Of course this doesn't work between institutions, only in the same one, is yours in the same institution?

These problems need to be fixed. We shouldn't have to go through such steps, and should be able to transfer quizzes between institutions and between courses in the same institution without issues.

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I just read your recommendations, and I'm not clear on what is being asked or how to duplicate the recommended steps.  All I know for sure is the that New Quizzes will NOT export.  It is literally broken.  And this is how you can duplicate and verify the issue:

(1) If you create a new course shell with a New Quiz (containing some settings and questions inside), then any export of that course to another new shell will be successful if the original course shell is still intact.

(2) Now, if you wipe out that original shell or any export of that shell BEFORE importing that to another course shell (by either direct import or by export package), then the course will copy, BUT all New Quizzes (along with settings and questions) will disappear.


Ultimately, this means that you're unable to export New Quizzes.  The export just references back to the previous shell rather than making its own duplicated copy (both settings and questions).  This is also why people said they can't export to another institution:  that's because New Quizzes never exported to begin with, even within the same institution.


I've tagged this @SuSorensen but the response did not indicate that they're going to fix this...which is a MAJOR issue!  And if they don't fix this export issue, it'll will cause major headaches for everybody.  I've already lost a month of work due to this problem, and now I have to manually rebuild every New Quiz that was lost because I just assumed the export would actually make copies of these New Quizzes along with their settings and questions.


Community Champion

Thanks @Anonymous - so this is an issue only if the original course is reset/deleted, that access to the new quizzes is gone if they haven't already been copied to a new shell?  Even if the originally reset course is un-deleted? The quizzes are still gone?

Yes that needs a fix.  I am sure many schools delete old courses as well as those that are reset due to errors.  Our teachers know how to reset and use it occasionally.

Have you read this thread Priority Gathering for the New Quizzes Roadmap - Canvas Community ( - I think this issue should be posted there.


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That's right, @Nancy_Webb_CCSF .  Ok I'll post it there as well. I've been spamming this same message a few places and I'll keep doing it til they fix this issue.


Edit:  And they locked that forum post...LOL.

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We would like to be able to export a full item bank or select questions from item bank(s) in Canvas. We would like to be able to export the item bank(s) or questions into for example a QTI format or if possible to csv or xls. The use case is in situations that create a need for distinguishing between ownership of questions and being able to manage them outside of Canvas for IPR reasons. We use New Quizzes in Canvas. Currently the only way seems to be to put all the questions into a quiz and then export the quiz, not the question bank in itself.

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The ability to import/export item banks (new quizzes) would be very useful for our content creation/maintenance, especially when we have information that is owned by specific user(s).

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My role is as a course director and examiner of medical sciences courses.

The recent move from old to new quiz formats came with a switch from a discrete question bank to item banks that can only be accessed by building or editing a quiz. This makes management of the whole item bank, for example for purposes of auditing, item performance monitoring, standard setting, very difficult to achieve individually and impossible when working in a team. It is seemingly also impossible to archive whole banks for purposes of security and/or external review.

Please therefore reinstate functions that allow users to manage large Item Banks directly (as was previously possible in Question Banks). to append additional fields to the default fields (suich as Angoff scores, question performance statistics), and to export/archive whole banks for offline storage and/or inspection.