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Export/Import New Quizzes/Question Banks

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Export/Import New Quizzes/Question Banks

I am an adjunct instructor at two colleges, both of which use Canvas. I teach the same courses, pretty much, and love the new quiz format (I also understand that old quizzes will be going away at some point). I want to be able to create a quiz with question bank in one course, and export it (and its question bank) to the other course. I know that I can share within institutions (even though this is currently not working), but I need a way to get one quiz to the other institution. 

I have tried to export the entire course, and only import the selected quiz. It shows it cannot find it. I have done extensive asking and searching on these forums, and I am still told that I just can't do it. So, I think this feature needs to be included as soon as possible. 

Adjunct instructors are already paid less for our time, and when I have to reconstruct each quiz and exam for every new course, it's a huge time drain. It's extremely frustrating, as I have all of the materials in one course, and seems like something I should be able to do. I use question banks to give students random questions, and to reuse questions on later quizzes/exams. 

At the very least, if we could just get a way to export/import the question banks only, that would be a huge time saver. Currently, I know I can create a question bank in old quizzes, export/import that bank, and import that bank into a new quiz format. This is great, but if I have some banks/quizzes that were never in the old quiz format, there is no way to transfer those that I know of. I also can't bank all the cool new question types. Smiley Sad

I'm hoping this can be added to a release soon, or at least before the old quizzes go away.


Community Member

Hi, rcordeiro. I haven't tested this but I am wondering if you have tried sharing a blank course full of your item banks to Canvas Commons? What is Canvas Commons?

Community Member

The fact that I cannot import any of the dozens of New Quizzes I created last  year is astounding to me. What a horrible design flaw. How is this not tagged with a huge warning when making the new quiz - WILL NOT IMPORT?

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I have tried to share the quiz alone via Commons, and it does not work. I have not tried an entire course as I don't have the power at my institution to create a Sandbox course. I may try it with an old course, though. I really just want to import/export the quizzes with banks like you can the old quizzes. I am spending hours right now literally copying from one course to another.

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They really need to develop a way to export/import these quizzes as-is if they are planning to get rid of the old quiz format eventually. SO MANY people using Canvas are adjunct college instructors and we have to work from different institutions, so we need a way to copy from one institution to another. Also, if you want to share with a colleague at another institution? No collaboration here!