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Export gradebook: decimal symbol

Export gradebook: decimal symbol

There is a problem when you export the grades of the gradebook to a csv file.

It has to do with the decimal numbers (the comma or the point as decimal symbol).

(I am not talking about the separator within the csv-file but about the way the decimal numbers are formatted)

Apparently, the decimal separator (point or comma) depends on the language of the course. So when I make an export of a Dutch course, the comma is used in the csv file for the decimal numbers. When I make an export of a course in English, the point is use as decimal symbol. But as a teacher, I make export from courses in different languages. My grades should always be formatted the same way in the export files, otherwise I cannot open them correctly in Excel.

This should not depend on the language of the course, but on the language of the user. Or even better: it should be a setting on user level. The same way you can determine the separator (, or ; ) for csv , you should be able as user to determine the symbol that has to be used for decimal numbers in the export. Because it makes no sense that this happens in different ways for different courses on the same computer.

The only workaround we have now, is to change the language of our course temporarily to make the export?

Kind regards,