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Export of moderated marks and Speedgrader comments (Canvas)

Export of moderated marks and Speedgrader comments (Canvas)

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It would be hugely helpful, if it was possible in Canvas to:

a) export all marks provided by instructors against student names into a Spreadsheet, rather than having to go through and work out who's given what mark for whom, and who doesn't have a mark yet. This would be much easier in a spreadsheet.

b) be able to export comments and rubric marks from Speedgrader into a spreadsheet

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open for Conversation
Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for sharing this idea, @jasminh . As the Idea Conversations forum accommodates singular requests, we've crossed off the second idea that was included in the description. That idea is being discussed in the actively-monitored conversation  Download Assignment Comments and Completed Rubrics .

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This is ESPECIALLY important when team grading rubrics.  Once the moderator posts grades the rubrics completed by TAs are blank! what the wha wha lol didn't see that one coming neither did the teacher.