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Exported gradebook should match filters on the grade screen

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Exported gradebook should match filters on the grade screen

On the "Grades" screen you can filter the students who appear on the screen so that it only shows active students or only shows a particular section of a merged class.  However, the exported gradebook csv file shows everybody (active, inactice, all sections and so forth).  The exported gradebook should recognize the filters used in the grade screen.


I noticed that parts of this have already been requested.  For example. there has been requests that only active students are in the csv file or only individual sections should be exported.  If the exported csv matches what is seen on the screen this will take care of all these issues.

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This will be a good feature. However, I'm wondering how I will know what filters I had on the screen when I go back and look at the exported files?  I frequently export my gradebook throughout the term for documentation and backup purposes. When I open up a previous file, how will I know if this is the one that had inactive students off or if it's just for a specific section. Yes, I could include that info in the file name, but I don't want to rely on that.

It would be so helpful if there was a column that indicated the students enrollment status (active, inactive, concluded), section name, and other pertinent data.  That way I know what data was filtered in/out.

Does anyone have another suggestion how the exported file indicates what data was filtered? I'd like to hear your ideas.

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It appears part of the issue is now fixed.  When I tried it today, I found that if you don't click on anything it only shows active students.  You only get inactive students if you click on show inactive students.

It still doesn't recognize the Section filter but otherwise a fixed seem to have been implemented.


It seems that this request is functionally linked to these identical requests:

(archived, 71 votes)

(archived, 50 votes)

I had a conversation with a teacher this morning who was describing the frustration related to her .csv exports not reflecting the columns-order in the gradebook UI. Imagine how many votes this request might have if it was more comprehensive related to the desired customization options for gradebook exports?

Instructure, do I really have to create a 3rd iteration of the two archived requests above, or can this existing and open feature discussion also include this need?

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Are the filtered students tagged, labeled, or grouped so they can be excluded from the CSV after its imported into a spreadsheet?

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For large lecture courses having this functionality if very important.
When we show one section and go to the export can it just export that one section? When there are 500 students in a course and you want to export just one section we need that to just export the one as pulling 25 names out of 500 is difficult. We would also like the message students who functionality to work by section. So any functionality in the grades - message students who, set default grade, and download submissions.

Karen Matson

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Its okay. My main concern was to have the exported gradebook file only show active students and that was corrected while this request was up for voting.



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A similar idea has resurfaced and will be open for voting on December 7, 2016: " style="color: #2989c5;

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