External Tool Submissions for Group Assignments


Does anyone else want to see group assignments enabled for external-tool submissions? Specifically, our faculty are interested in using Turnitin or similar plagiarism-detection tools with groups assignments.

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I'm also planning to use Hypothesis.is in my class.  Group availability is needed it!

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We need this feature to do Hypothes.is group assignments! As well as I'm sure many other types of group assignments. But specifically for Hypothes.is - small groups are incredibly important for deeper student learning. 

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I would also very much like to see this. For instance, I am attempting to use Hypothesis integrations to let small groups of students create reading groups; I cannot make small groups for Hypothesis without creating entirely different course Sections, so integration with Groups would be amazing! 

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I would put this in the condition critical category, please!

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This would be great for science when we do labs with a partner.

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I would really like this capability to be able to assign something using an external tool to only a subset of the class.  I have separate assignments for groups in my course and so even though each student will complete it individually they only need to do one of a set of 4 assignments based on their group assignment.

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I'd love to be able to assign groups to my Google Cloud assignments, but have noticed it is not an option if an external tool is selected.


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Yes, definitely want this! Obvious requirement to support project-based learning.

I want my institute to have submittable group assignments for shared brainstorms/mood boards (Padlet, Miro), shared Google/MS documents or presentations, etc.

Typically for Padlet/Miro and also for some group documents, these start as a templated layout provided to students (with a prompt, a worked example, instructions etc. If these assignments aren't managed as a group submission through Canvas, we're left with manual/automation workarounds for duplicating a "master" template and sharing that out to each group manually, or relying on students to do the duplicate step accurately for their own group and then manage the shared permissions themselves. Both are fraught with support/maintenance headaches for us.

In the meantime we may have to create a native Canvas "online" assignment and ask the group to submit a URL to their shared work. I wonder what that means for SpeedGrader integration? Other problems? This means it might be about as much work for our teachers to set up/troubleshoot each group assignment as it is to grade them - doubles the workload to use Canvas compared to oldschool methods in the classroom.

Very interested to hear of any other workarounds you have found in your travels. 😃

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We need this too for Kaltura.