Far right column buttons move to bottom depending on size of browser window

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Every term I teach I need to call the help desk to help with cross listing course sections. The reason (which I forget each time) is that my browser window size is usually set to have an aspect ratio that resembles a normal piece of paper ... and when sized this way the buttons that are supposed to be on the right hand side are shifted to the very bottom and I do not see them. 

Note, the widow sizing that induces this change in button location is not very extreme at all and I would expect anyone with a 27 inch monitor (using safari on a Mac) that has two windows, side-by-side, would have similar window aspect ratio. 

So my request is to please not have button location so dependent on small-ish perturbations of window sizing

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Thanks for sharing this feedback. I'd also note that Canvas's web responsive pages are influenced not only by the width of the window but also the zoom level set on the browser being used.

I use Chrome on a Macbook with two monitors of the same size sitting side by side (made by the same manufacturer, too, but one is slightly older than the other)—and I was surprised to learn that when I drag a window where the right buttons are not visible from the left screen to the right screen, the buttons then appeared on the right.

We'll move this forward for broader discussion but will also ask our designers to investigate what comprises those perturbations.