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Favicon change for Beta and Test environments

Favicon change for Beta and Test environments


To help quickly identify if you are in the production, beta or test environments, it would be useful if each had their own distinctive favicon.

We're currently doing this with javascript, but it's been really helpful so I thought others might benefit. Our icons are different colours and I have found that I rely on them a lot.

Main canvas site


Test canvas site


Beta canvas site


If an institution has a custom favicon in their theme then it could still be replaced in the test and beta instances.  

Community Member

Great idea to help add some additional visual clarity!

New Member

Good idea and ties somehow into my idea😀

Community Champion

This is a great idea.

As someone who spends a lot of time in all three environments, I'll just share that I keep a different browser for Test and Beta. I typically use FireFox Developer Edition, and Chrome Canary, both are pre-release browsers for testing new features. Keeping Canvas Beta/Test in separate browsers means I don't accidentally have different environments open in the same browser, or click the wrong browser for a task as they each have a different icon. Obviously, if you're testing or developing custom JS&CSS with Themes, LTI's, UI, a final QA in production browser versions is necessary.