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Feature Options settings for Blueprint

Feature Options settings for Blueprint

Currently Blueprint does not sync or link the Feature Options sections under Course Settings. This is a very important option to manage. For example, if a course master is setup with "Mastery Paths", under Feature Options, the child courses will not have this option enabled.

This means that whatever functionality created around "Mastery Paths" will just not work in the child courses until is enabled manually. This may not be an issue for 10 child courses but sure it is for 100 or 200 child courses.

Can we please add the "Feature Options" section as part of the Blueprint course settings sync?

Below is the screenshot of the section we need enabled as part of the course settings sync.

Feature options screenshot

Community Member

We may roll 200 or more child sections from a master course. Manually setting this in the child sections is time consuming, and prone to missing a section. Please consider adjusting this feature.

Surveyor II

Our institution has Mastery Paths turned on at the District Level, so the option is not togglable by our teachers under Feature Options.

As such - when we blueprint a course with mastery paths already set up (we'll called this course a MASTER in this example), the mastery path assignment is blueprinted to the destination course, but the mastery path itself is not set up.

AKA - all of my assignments are there, but none of the settings are there to actually make the mastery path an active mastery path.  Below are my two examples.


Master Course


Destination Course

Community Member

Thanks Samuel for another great example. We are not using Mastery Paths at the moment but we really want to start doing this. Adding this feature will be imperative for our processes as well.

Community Member

We have noticed that when we import into a new course, this does not inherit the features setup in this area. (Even when selecting to copy all). 

This would be really useful to us also.