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Files Attached to New Quizzes Questions

Files Attached to New Quizzes Questions

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In New Quizzes, when you upload/embed an image as part of a question, it renames the file.  For example, I had embedded a picture of Olaf from the movie "Frozen" into a question.  The original file name was "Olaf.jpg".  After uploading the file and saving the question, I looked at the properties of the file, and Canvas had changed the file name to "Olaf (1).jpg".  I tried another image, and the same thing happened with that file, too.  Why does Canvas append a " (1)" to the file name?  Can the file name that was uploaded remain unchanged?

The above Feature Idea request is not related to migrating a Classic Quiz to a New Quiz.  I have a separate Feature Idea about that located at Renamed Files after Migrating a Classic Quiz to a New Quiz.

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Community Team
Community Team
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