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Filter Gradebook by Column

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Filter Gradebook by Column

For instructors with large numbers of gradebook items, it can be difficult to find and work with a specific gradebook item.  To make it easier for instructors to grade a specific activity or related group of activities, it would be extremely helpful to be able to filter gradebook columns by item name and/or assignment type (e.g., assignment, discussion,quiz).

Adventurer III

Hello Again

Thank you for taking the time to post your idea to the Canvas Community.  This is a great idea, in my opinion - would be super handy for large enrollment courses as well as courses with many assignments.

I have just now moved it into the queue for the next round of community voting, which will open for vote Wednesday, June 3. 2015.


Scott Dennis

Community Member

This would definitely be beneficial for U of Michigan instructors.  We'd love to have an ability to drill down by category too -- so that you could see just the overall score for, say, the "Lecture participation" category but be able to drill down to reveal one column for each assignment.

On a related note -- maybe another feature request? -- we also would love the ability to collapse rows in the gradebook by section -- so that you could see the averages for each section for each assignment and category.  Right now our instructors have to export their (very large!) gradebooks so they can compute the averages for each section for an assignment before they can unmute it. . .

Adventurer III

Hi Victoria,

That is a good idea.  Smiley Happy  Please consider submitting it separately.

Community Member

I agree, the gradebook becomes nearly unmanageable when you have many assignments.   The ability to categorize or group them together and then expand or minimize the groups you don't want to see would be great.

Scott Slater



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This idea has resurfaced at

Community Member

I agree with everyone else on in this post, the difficulty in locating an assignment is one of the aspects people use against Canvas when comparing it to other gradebooks such as Jupiter Grades where inputting assignments are quick.

If there was a way to locate an assignment and isolate it as easy as it is looking for a student to input a grade, that would be wonderful! I am a huge advocate for Canvas in my district which is in its last year of debating on keeping this system or not and the gradebook feature is mainly what people have issues with.

I believe in Canvas and its rapid improvements!


Priority: Gradebook Enhancements‌ is currently underway.  There are even people testing the beta experience and collaborating in‌.  I'm not sure if you have access to the new gradebook yet, but if not you can ask your local Canvas admin to request it.  There you will find new advanced filtering that I'm curious to see if it better meets your needs.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Surveyor II

Hi Renee.  Thanks for reaching out. I do have access to the new GB and the advanced filtering options are definitely a step in the right direction.  However, most instructors only work with one column at a time when entering grades and even with the new filtering options, it can be challenge to find the column in very large gradebooks.

Community Member‌,

I think this is a terrific idea.